Glen Cove EMS Prepared for Blizzard

Major snowstorms coincide with increase of certain types of calls.

Glen Cove EMS has been preparing for the predicted snowstorm for the past 48 hours, upping on-duty crews and equipping themselves to handle the heaviest of varied forecasts.

Chief Matthew Venturino advised residents to be prepared and follow the latest forecasts. He said the most common storm-related medical calls are broken bones from falls, heart attacks from shoveling snow, carbon monoxide exposure from running engines and hypothermia from extended cold exposure. 

He listed the following steps Glen Cove EMS is taking to be better prepared to respond to emergencies:

  • Additional medical crews are on duty to handle any increase in call volume.
  • First responder trucks with medical equipment will be staffed and out on the roads to reach patients faster.
  • Ambulances have built-in snow chains for better traction.
  • DPW trucks equipped with plows will assist on calls as needed.
  • Coordination with Glen Cove Hospital, local health-care facilities and other City of Glen Cove first responders. 


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