Lawmakers Hope to Force Hospital to Hold Public Hearing

Lawmakers say Glen Cove Hospital administration should address community concerns before moving forward with changes.

State lawmakers are working on a bill that would require Glen Cove Hospital to hold a public hearing before turning it into an ambulatory center, reports Newsday

State Senator Carl Marcelino (R-Syosset) and Assemblyman Charles Lavine (D-Glen Cove) hope that the hearing will take place locally, although it could take place in Albany. 

In a letter dated Aug. 30, North Shore-LIJ Chief Michael Dowling said the hospital "as-is has proven to be unsustainable - despite all best efforts."

He cited sweeping changes in healthcare, likely referring to the controversial Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and overall inpatient volume decline among factors contributing to the decision to phase out inpatient beds for stays longer than 24 hours.

The hospital is not closing, he emphasized, but will rather "enhance services to the community by providing or being the catalyst for a broader array of community based services."

The future plan for Glen Cove Hospital includes the following, laid out in more detail in Dowling's letter published on the City's website:
  • The hospital will continue to provide emergency services in their current state with 24-hour access to doctors and nurses and a special emphasis on elder care.
  • The hospital will keep a few inpatient beds to meet the essential needs of the community. A short stay clinical decision unit will be established for patients that need longer treatment than an emergency room can provide.
  • The hospital will work with Hospice Care Network to increase hospital and home-based end of life care programs.
  • Outpatient cancer services will continue as they are.
  • Outpatient therapy will continue. Respiratory therapy services will be available on site.
  • Family medicine for indigents will continue to be offered. 
  • North Shore-LIJ may make use of unused space in the hospital by using it as office space.
The letter is available in full here.


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