Snow Response Update from Glen Cove EMS

Tips and updates on the local response to Snowstorm Hercules.

The following is from the City of Glen Cove EMS:

Friday, 10:30 a.m.

Glen Cove EMS has been in “Storm Standby” mode since 5PM Thursday and continues to be through today. During the Blizzard our crews responded to 3 medical emergencies with none of them being weather-related. Police, Fire, EMS, OEM and DPW crews have been working together through the storm to ensure the Public's Safety. No major emergencies or incidents occurred.

-Although the snow storm is over, we'll still feel the effects of extreme cold temperatures and wind chills. 

Friday High: 15 F Wind Chill: 4 F
Friday Low: 3 F Wind Chill: -12 F

This will be one of the coldest days in 5 years. Please take a few minutes to check on your neighbors, especially the sick, and the elderly.

-Glen Cove DPW crews have been working tirelessly around the clock to plow and treat roadways. Primary roads throughout Glen Cove are plowed and treated. Crews will be working on secondary and tertiary roads this morning. 

-When you’re shoveling today don’t forget to clear a pathway around a nearby fire hydrant. This will not only help you but your neighbors as well. Please do not impede DPW operations by removing snow from your private property and throwing it onto public streets. This is against city ordinances and will be strictly enforced. Be sure your vehicle is parked on the odd-side of the street for emergency access.


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