Holocaust Survivor's Work On Display

Artist's student and friend speaks today at Glen Cove's Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center.

When Ludovit Feld arrived at Auschwitz in 1944, he faced a particularly cruel fate: he was chosen by Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele for special medical experimentation because he was a dwarf.

Talent saved him. Mengele kept Feld alive for his artistic ability, housing him with children designated for the same gruesome testing. Feld used the opportinity to save several of "Mengele's twins," hiding them until they were rescued.

Feld survived as well, and his artwork has been displayed in England, Hungary, Slovakia and Israel. This event marks the first time it has been brought to the United States. Only two original pieces Feld drew in the Kosice ghetto before he arrived at Auschwitz are known to be in existence.

Feld's art student and lifelong friend, Silvia Fishbaum, will appear at the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County today at 2 p.m. to speak about the artist and his work.

The Consul General of Slovakia will also be at the presentation.

The exhibit coincides with Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 18.


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