Photos: Gallery Opens in Glen Cove

The Hersh Fine Art Gallery held its reception Friday.

The Hersh Fine Art hosted a reception for the opening of their gallery Friday.

The gallery's director, Flora Armetta, called the reception a success.

"I come from Brooklyn, but Glen Cove has been amazing," said Mrs. Armetta, who works alongside husband Robert. "With the Long Island Fine Art Academy next door, it offers a great opportunity, and many of the city's residents are involved."

The gallery has attracted work by artists with a contemporary style. One piece by Samuel Evensen, a professor at the Pratt Institute, uses only the color white.

"It's very hard to work with white. It's not something conventional artists do, and it opens all kinds of new challenges," he said.

The inaugural exhibit, titled, "Fiction/Non-Fiction," will run through June 3.


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