Glen Cove Studio Records For Woody Allen Film

Tiki Studios produced tracks for scenes in "To Rome With Love."

Score another major accomplishment for one of Glen Cove’s recording studios. 

Music accompanying scenes throughout Woody Allen’s new movie, “To Rome With Love,” were recorded and mixed at Tiki Recording Studios on Glen Street by owner/engineer Fred Guarino. 

Along with the intellectual, metaphysical and psychological components that are integral elements of all Allen movies, the director, an accomplished clarinetist in his own right, is a stickler for the sound tracks that help define scenes in his movies.  For his latest, there were particular challenges.  

“We had the task of recreating 45-year-old recordings that the editors loved but couldn’t secure the rights to use,” Guarino explains, “so they decided to rerecord the music exactly as they are heard on the original recordings.”

Working with composer/producer Angelo DiPippo, Guarino recorded and mixed the numerous pieces of music for the film that had to be synchronized with the older recordings, which had already been edited into the film, before the producers realized they had legal issues with the rights.  Then, during the mix, Guarino had to duplicate the great old analog sound to maintain the period feel of the sound track.  

“We had to meet the special requirements of Woody Allen’s company, Perdido Productions,” Guarino explains, “so the studio’s sound department editor, Bob Hein, was on hand to supervise the project.  We also had the benefit of working with some of New York’s finest musicians including Jay Berliner on guitar, David Finke on bass, and Angelo DiPippo, himself, on accordion. The Perdido Production people told us they were thrilled with the results.”

“To Rome With Love,” is currently in theatres across the county.  It stars Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz, Roberto Benigni, Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, and Woody Allen. The music is also featured in the film’s preview trailer, and will be on the official soundtrack album to be released by Sony Classics.


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