Little Progress in Plainview as LIPA Anger Grows

Residents see little progress now three days into post-hurricane crisis.

Plainview residents are growing increasingly angry as their community waits in the dark while other areas of Long Island gradually see power restored.

They are likening their current treatment to LIPA's response to Hurricane Irene just last year, where Plainview was one of the last communities to be fully restored to power.

The residents are responding to a Facebook request for updates from their streets. Go to our Facebook Page here and "Like" us and join the conversation.

At 11 a.m. there were more than 80 comments on the thread which was posted just four hours earlier. Here's a representative sampling:

"Kennedy and Southwick by (Plainview JFK) High School are out!" wrote Lisa Alpert Sorgie. "No sighting of LIPA trucks."

Marci Goldberg Cohen reported a high voltage wire down on Fordham Drive behind Parkway: "(We) haven't seen a truck and when we call LIPA they don't even care," Cohen said. "Wires came down on Julliard or Sutton too; haven't seen a truck there. The entire neighborhood here is out

Manetto Hill Road remains an obstacle course with giant trees slashing across the roadway. Wires were down on the roadway. Cars crept along into oncoming lanes to get around the obstacles.

A huge tree is still blocking Washington Avenue and entangled in wires, reported Jennifer Yentema Federmann. "Until that's cleared and Manetto Hill Road, -- which is ridiculous -- there is no way the kids can safely go back to school."

Plainview schools have cancelled classes and all other activities through Friday

"South of Old Country Road behind library seems to all be in the dark," wrote Edward Lee. "We have a pole snapped in our yard and a big tree on top of (power) lines. Haven't seen trucks anywhere near yet."

And it may be considerably longer before significant power returns.

LIPA has not scheduled a press conference Thursday for an update. Its website continues to say crews are working on assessments of the outages.

Plainview's not alone. Diane Singer Viola lives in North Merrick and has been without power since 9 a.m. Monday. "We have not seen a single truck," she said. "It is so cold and my kids' noses and ears are freezing. My parents are in Plainview and we are just hoping one of us gets power."

Andrea Savin McAuliffe tried to put the crisis in perspective. "Still no power on Lois Lane," she said. "I am just grateful is wasn't worse. There are lots of people who lost their homes completely and some died so the fact I have no power is just an inconvenience."

Please add your comments and locations to this story and our Facebook thread.

SueRH November 02, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Gunjee - Perhaps she wasn't talking about you. It's not all about you.
LuEllen gross man November 02, 2012 at 07:02 PM
LuEllen no to the sighting of lipa trucks. it's been 4 days no heat and running out of food. understand grids need work but people who r electricians came from all over lipa said no thanks . I heard reason they are not in thier union. thoughtless. they seem to be a monopoly like phone company years ago. they have no completion to do a better faster job.with limited staff, yet they continuously raise thier rates
Simba November 02, 2012 at 11:57 PM
Could the simple reason Plainview is last to get power be do to basic racism, bigotry, anti Jewish feelings. I don't mean to offend anyone because I am not anti Jewish and consider those people who do are idiots. And I am not blaming my friends and neighbors who are Jewish that they are the cause but it should would help if the religious leaders of this town apply some pressure on lipa and mangano.
Robert Smith November 03, 2012 at 09:40 PM
Sharon - there are dozens of crews in Plainview alone. Some streets have multiple poles, so it is entirely possible for one part to have no damage or minor damage and for another part to be devastated by large trees. Don't play the blame game. When nearly 1 million customers go out, it will take weeks to fix it. It was your choice to continue living in your area. LIPA is doing all that it can. You are wrong about LIPA - the power companies don't receive exorbitant amounts of money; only a small fraction of your taxes go to them. Would you rather have a quick fix that will go down in 3 mph wind or have fixes that will last until a whopper of a storm blows through years from now? Think before you rant with no clear point or argument. You live on Long Island. You know prices are high. LIPA can't cater to your personal needs and the exaggerated needs of others. They have a big picture to work towards, not your senile self.
JR November 04, 2012 at 02:11 PM
We lose power if there is a gust of wind more than 10 mph. I've lived in Plainview 2 years now, and lost power about 8 times. I lived in Queens for 10 years and never lost power once. Maybe LIPA should invest in putting the wires underground.


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