New Dairy Barn Owner Brings New Products, Old Faces

Wider inventory, organic items and healthier snacks at Glen Cove on-the-go store as it seeks to reignite flame with regulars.

Candice Salgado's return to the Dairy Barn on Forest Ave. after three years managing a different location is being welcomed by customers, Salgado said.

The location had attracted "a lot of riff-raff" and service had soured, Salgado hears from customers who remember her and employee Lamora Simmons from before they were transferred.

"We're focused on cleaning it up," said Salgado, of Bay Shore.

No longer a Dairy Barn franchise, The Barn reopened for business Dec. 6 after a number of locations were acquired by a different company. Salgado was put back in charge, and she and Simmons cleaned the place for two days.

"I want people to come here, get a fresh cup of coffee and see a friendly face," Salgado said. "We want people to recognize that the store is still here and we've made a lot of changes."

Those changes include Chock full o'Nuts Coffee, organic milk and eggs, and added products like laundry detergent and beer.

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The favorites are still around -- "we do carry Oak Tree iced tea. We get that question a lot," Simmons said. Crumb cake served in pizza boxes are back, as are dog treats for the occasional companion panting next to customers as they order from their car windows.

Salgado said more variety is being considered, with an eye on making the quick-stop shop a destination for those looking for a healthier snack on the go than people may be used to finding at traditional convenience stores. The Sea Cliff-based Pirate's Booty snack line is one example in the works, as well as natural items like almonds.

The company is eyeing more organic options in general, and Salgado said suggestions are welcomed.

Business at the store is about half what she remembers, and many regulars are missing from the lineup of drive-by shoppers. She said she hopes to reclaim the neighborly feel customers say they remember fondly.

"What did that lady say?" Salgado asked Simmons. "It's like 'Cheers,' where everybody knows your name?"

"Yeah," Simmons said. They chuckled.

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GlenCove Girl December 29, 2012 at 10:39 PM
I find it amusing how she (Candice) says that customers are welcoming her return, and that she said the location attracted a lot of "riff-raff" after she left. I would prefer to see a customer rather than someone who is working there stating as such. It's pretty sad that Dairy Barn has decided to sell their business after servicing Long Island for over 60 years. The new owners need a lesson on how to run a business. Already, they are selling off multiple locations due to the ineptness. It's the end of an era with Dairy Barn closing.
Glen Cove Guy December 31, 2012 at 04:36 PM
It's sad to see a business capable of success not achieve success. The management at the Glen Cove location has shifted unnecessarily. The business was in complete boom and was at their peak when the Glen Cove born managers were in charge. Nothing like the hometown heroes.
GlenCove Girl January 05, 2013 at 07:12 PM
For everyone who thinks that The Barn, who took over Dairy Barn, is still selling Oaktree Milk as advertised is being mislead. They are still placing Oaktree labels on their products and claiming that their product is still Oaktree. However, Oaktree owned Dairy Barn Stores, and is selling Oaktree as well. If you don't believe me go to this site and punch in the codes. http://www.whereismymilkfrom.com/
GlenCove Worker January 06, 2013 at 04:17 PM
Ever since the company has switched over, the lines have been ridiculous, I only see one person working at night for a busy store! I have to wait at least 10, up to 15 minutes because apparently, only one person can work a store that busy at night. Even at 2 AM McDonalds has at least 2 or 3 people working the drive through, its only logical to have backup and help. I see up to 6 or 7 customers waiting in that line of cars, one guy running back and forth.


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