Construction: What's Up With Cedar Swamp Road?

Construction aims to create functional and aesthetically pleasing entrance into Glen Cove.

You've seen the construction on Cedar Swamp Road: traffic cones, signs and delays. This road work is just one part of the big picture for Glen Cove's Gateway Revitalization Plan.

The project—started in September of 2008 and funded in part by the New York State Department of State Division of Coastal Resources—has already had an impact on reshaping the community.

"Besides being functionally superior to a road that's been there for over 100 years, it's an aesthetically pleasing entrance to the city," said Mayor Ralph Suozzi. 

The ultimate plan is to improve the overall economic growth of Glen Cove's downtown and waterfront areas, by creating a more attractive and inviting entrance to the city.

The project is currently in the street-scape phase, focusing on sidewalk repairs with the intent to establish a more pedestrian-friendly area. The city has also installed new light fixtures to telephone poles along Cedar Swamp Road, increasing visibility to a once dimly lit road.

According to Suozzi, the restoration will provide better traffic flow along the city's center, aiding to the benefit our public transportation usage as well as bringing more people to the restaurants and businesses along the road.




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