Glen Cove Temple Hosting Women's Health Fair

$36 admission covers specialized clinics, lunch, complimentary massage; husbands welcomed.

North Country Reform Temple is hosting a daylong event Sunday where women can learn how to better keep their bodies in balance.

"Women's Health: Wise and Wonderful" will educate attendees about the differences in treatment necessary for women's bodies.

"Until very recently, women’s healthcare, with the exception of pregnancy and 'women trouble' menstrual cycles and related issues, has not been recognized as being different from men even though symptoms for the same diseases are often very different and therefore overlooked by women," said a statement from the Ner Tamid Women of Reform Judaism Sisterhood, the group co-sponsoring the event. "Treatment, with few exceptions, is still the same for women as it is for men. It is only recently that there is a growing awareness that men and women are different, not only in anatomy but in treatment protocol as well."

The fair will feature sessions on female health topics both mental and physical. First Aid, skin care, nutrition, AED and CPR certification, Yoga classes, fall prevention and recognizing women’s signs and symptoms of heart disease.

Free specialized clinics will be offered throughout the day, though some will require a small surcharge.

"Although this is a women’s health event, men are welcome so that they can better understand the health and well-being issues with which their wives and partners have to deal," the Temple said.

The event chairperson is Dr. Amorita M. Snow, vice president of the NCRT– Ner Tamid WRJ Sisterhood, and a member of the Temple’s board of trustees.

For information or to register, call the NCRT-Ner Tamid at 516-671-4760 or visit NCRTSisterhood.wufoo.com/forms/womens-health-well-wise.

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