Poll: Social Host Law

Do you believe in this method of combating underage drinking?

Glen Cove was the first municipality in Nassau County to enact a Social Host Law, a measure subsequently adopted countywide in 2007. It is a step that communities throughout the country are taking to fight underage drinking, making it a crime for adults to permit alcohol consumption in the home by anyone under 21.

Substance Abuse Free Environment, or SAFE, Inc., is a federally-funded non-profit with offices in Glen Cove's City Hall. The group promotes the law as one of its tools in fighting substance abuse among the city's youth, and cited the fact that it has been used to bring charges in 21 cases since its inception. 

The most recent was the case of a Glen Cove mother who was arrested after officers responded to a party at her home where teens were drinking alcohol. In response to about the incident, the woman maintained that she was not home at the time of the party.

Do you consider this law fair? Vote in our poll, and share any thoughts in the comments section.

Marc Rosen May 05, 2012 at 11:25 AM
I don't believe it works. As much as some of you out there might want to hold the parents responsible for what their kids do, the fact remains that if you've got teenagers, you're not taking them on your second honeymoon or whatever with you! Furthermore, parents need a break every now and again, and might go out for a night, or a weekend, or whatever, and expect the kids to fend for themselves (assuming they're of a certain age). The parents have few, if any, means of controlling what their kids do with the house in their absence.
Robert G. Schaffrath May 05, 2012 at 02:20 PM
I am against adults serving alcohol to children, who are not their own, when the parents of those children are not present and can approve or disapprove. A parent should be allowed to determine whether or not to serve their own children. That being said, if one then assumes that kids are going to drink one way or another (and they are) then one has to ask; would prefer they do it in the woods, behind a local supermarket, in a drainage culvert, in a strangers basement, etc. Or would it be better in a controlled environment where they can be monitored and prevented from hitting the road in an impaired state?


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