Tell Us: Sandy's Lessons

Will you prepare differently after experiencing Hurricane Sandy?

Hurricane Sandy delivered unprecedented damage to a region that isn't used to such storms. Cars and homes were damaged when trees or limbs fell. Residents were without power or modes of communication for days that turned into weeks.

A result of the storm's effects, on top of the lasting power outages and fuel crisis, was that many people used to dependency on the grid received a crash course in self-sufficiency. 

Gasoline was transferred between vehicles or from vehicles to generators; non-perishables were survived off of for days and weeks; batteries, candles and other non-outlet-dependent sources of light and power became necessities.

Will you do anything differently to prepare for storms in the future? Tell us in the comments section.

sal cottone November 14, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Is anyone interested in buying a generator that is hooked directly to your houses heating source, oil, propane or natural gas. No waiting on line to fill gas cans to run your generator. We sell standby units or industrial units. We can run your house or your business. They can also come with switches that if you lose power and are not home or out of town it will turn on by itself. Just make sure your supply is full before the storm and never be without power again. Email me at softserve1@aol.com and put the word Generator in the heading. We can supply power to anysize home or business and meet any budget.
Robert G. Schaffrath November 15, 2012 at 04:52 PM
I learned several. First, I always knew I should have planned to be able to run my generator on fuels in addition to gasoline. I procrastinated and got stuck worrying about filling my five gallon jugs. I will be doing a tri-fuel conversion as soon as the parts I ordered for the conversion arrive. Second, even though I have a propane grill and did do some cooking, there was just no motivation to get out and cook every day even though I had food in the freezer. Stocking up on MRE's will be part of my plan. I was not eating well and sometimes just had cheese and crackers. I had also forgotten to use solar lights in the house at night. I was running the generator and had lights in various places but they would have been a good addition in rooms where I was not feeding electricity.


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