The Connection between Energy and Wellness

Learn more about energy, how the state of your energetic system can affect your health, and how alternative healing methods can help you create greater harmony and balance in your life.

Throughout history and across cultures, people have employed energy techniques to heal themselves and others. From the laying on of hands by a Hawaiian medicine man, or Kahuna, to the Pranayama breathing methods of Indian Yogis and the utilization of needles in a Chinese acupuncture treatment, it is believed that the manipulation of energy is a means of bringing about a greater sense of well-being, not only on the physical level, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually too.

So what is this mysterious and usually invisible (some individuals can see) “thing” called energy? Whether you’re aware of it or not, you know more than you think. You are constantly sensing, reading, interacting and affecting your energy system.  You meet someone and immediately have a strong like or dislike for him/her.  A mother knows something is wrong with her child who lives miles away.  You feel energized after talking over the phone with one friend, yet feel exhausted after a conversation with another.  Yup, you guessed it! It’s all about energy.

If you were in a science class, energy might be defined simply as the ability to do work.  If something moves or makes a noise, you can rest assured that energy has something to do with it.  Expanding on what our five senses can attest to, energy is an invisible field of potentiality that connects all that is.  It is a force that not only allows anything that has manifested as matter to exist, it is the reason why everything, seen and unseen, exists. You are part of this field, and your being is its own dynamic individual pattern, so to speak, that is affected by and impacts on all that is.

So why should you care? How well you manage a variety of factors determines the state of your health. You influence your energetic system by the way you treat your physical body, the emotions that you allow yourself to dwell in, the thoughts that you have and nurture, and the spiritual practices that you employ.  Your energy is also affected by the interactions that you have with others and the energy of the environment that surrounds you.  Since all of life is connected by a unifying energy field, your well-being is not merely influenced by what is immediately around you; it is also affected by the state of everything that exists on our planet and beyond.

Well, that’s a lot to take in!  The good news is that you have the ability to positively influence your energy system, which in turn is reflected in greater physical, emotional and mental well-being.  It begins with awareness and is manifested through intention and action. 

In addition to your everyday practices – you know what to do – eat well, move, breathe, think positive thoughts, go out in nature, love (not necessarily in that order), there are many energy healing methods that can help you reestablish harmony and balance. 

Whether you are in specific need of healing or curious about different ways to optimize your energetic health, you may want to introduce yourself to one or more alternative healing techniques including Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Qigong, and Acupuncture, just to name a few.

We don’t need to be visibly sick to be in need of healing.  Imbalances can reside in our energetic field long before illness is present on the physical level. I like to play with words at times, and if we look at “Healing” and use its letters, we can form  “I Align.”  Healing, I believe, involves the alignment of the inherent intelligence that resides within to the way in which we live our lives. Putting ourselves in the quiet space that many of these therapies provide allows for the opportunity to increase our connection with self; this is how we enable the energy of insight and healing to come into our lives to create a greater state of balance and health.

For information on energy workshops and individual sessions:

Isabel Martin-Ventura   www.connectwithself.com   connectwithself@gmail.com

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