Yatauro: Mangano's 2012 Budget Reflects Denial

Minority leader critiques Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano's 2012 budget plan.

County Executive Mangano's 2012 budget reflects his ongoing denial that the County is facing a severe fiscal crisis. He has overspent and borrowed our County into an unprecedented deficit which he will pass on to future generations.

Despite a hiring freeze, he continues to hire political cronies. Despite his call for layoffs, he continues to dole out lucrative contracts to politically-connected firms.

Since he took office in 2010, Mr. Mangano has relied on excessive borrowing to pretend his numbers add up. He continues to assume the County will realize income from initiatives that require State approval. He ignores the reality that many of these initiatives have languished in Albany committees for years.

Instead of insisting on true shared sacrifices, the County Executive expects taxpayers to shoulder the burden for his failed policies. Serving as our County Executive involves taking responsibility for our finances. It means making the tough, sometimes unpopular decisions needed to produce balanced budgets. It means saying no to political contributors and partisan friends. It means not transferring another $6 million to the County attorney’s office and instead designating those funds for public safety. It means stop using one-shot solutions thereby kicking the balanced budget can down the road. It means doing what is right, not what is expedient.

The Mangano budget calls for police precinct closings. It calls for significant reductions in police protection. It continues to depend on borrowing and unrealistic revenue sources. If Nassau County is to resolve its financial crisis the County Executive needs to act boldly and stop wasting time and money. He needs to demonstrate true leadership and to stop blaming others for his failures.

Diane Yatauro, D-Glen Cove, is the Minority leader of the Nassau County Legislature.


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