Glen Cove Police Warn of 'PSEGLI Scammers'

Glen Cove Police are warning residents of telephone scams. Police say callers posing as utility company representatives are threatening to shut off electric or gas service if payment is not made to them that day.   

The scam has been reported across the country and involves demands for payments using money cards, including Green Dot Money Paks, police say. The scammer calls and demands immediate payment for gas/electric service under the threat of disconnection. Victims are told to purchase a money card at a local pharmacy or convenience store and are instructed to put cash on the card.

The scammer then requests the victim to furnish them the pin number on the card, and thens uses that number and removes the cash that the victim placed on the card, according to police. The phone numbers that they use are not traceable and the scammer walks away with the victim's money.  

Police point out that if the electric/gas company calls you, that company representative should have additional information regarding your account such as your name, address, and balance owed.

What's more, police point out, PSEG Long Island will never ask a customer to pay a bill using a specific method of payment and does not accept any of the pre-paid type of money cards.  

“We are getting at least two of these scams reported to us a week," said Glen Cove Police's Lt. John Nagle. 

"Sometimes victims are being scammed out of thousands of dollars,” he added.
If you think you are being scammed, simply hang up the phone and call PSEGLI or your utility service directly.  

Victims of these scams should report them to the Glen Cove  Police Department.


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