Tell Us: Buying Back Illegal Guns?

Do programs like this make a difference in reducing street crime?

Nassau County purchased some 330 illegal guns this week and put them on display at the Office of Emergency Management on Tuesday. 

It was an impressive collection: nearly 200 handguns, 15 assault rifles, seven sawed-off shotguns and two semi-automatic handguns.

The question we pose is this: Do you think these programs work? Do they make a difference, or only serve to remove a small portion of the illegal guns on the street?

What is your solution to illegal guns? 

Eileen Coles February 20, 2013 at 06:23 PM
The biggest problem is that federal agencies in the Baltiwash area replace their agents' guns every year, whether it's necessary or not. The old guns go to dealers in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia who often make unscrupulous deals with NYC area criminals. Using straw buyers, these crooks move the guns into New York's black market. Guns found in the hands of NYC area criminals frequently can be traced back to original owners who are federal agents. The problem is founded in the insatiable greed of the military/industrial complex and it is there that it needs to be addressed. It is absolutely ridiculous for agents to be replacing their weapons annually. This practice not only wastes our tax dollars, it puts our local citizenry and first responders at risk. Because the problem exists out of state, the only thing that can really be done about this is to address the issue at the federal level with an eye toward ending fraud, waste and abuse.


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