Two-Thirds of Glen Cove Waiting for Power

Service restored to hospital, sections of residential neighborhoods.

One-third of Glen Cove residents currently have power, and the city's substation is back online as of Tuesday, according to Mayor Ralph Suozzi.

"All the problems in Glen Cove have been assessed and LIPA's bringing in crews to work on them," Suozzi said Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Suozzi has been participating in two daily conference calls with Long Island Power Authority officials since Huricane Sandy hit Sunday.

He said the company is describing damage that is different than what it faced with Tropical Storm Irene one year ago. Basic infrastructure like major transmission stations and lines and substations were taken offline in preparation for the storm or knocked out by it. Those need to be fixed before anything else can be, according to LIPA chief operating officer Michael Hervey.

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Suozzi said LIPA has told him that Sandy did twice the damage Irene did. A major impediment to restoring power has been the uncertainty of whether downed lines are live, he said. LIPA said they shut down sections of their grid on the south shore in advance of the storm, but "the rest was done by Mother Nature," according to one LIPA official.

That means that as power is restored to substations, connected lines distributed throughout entire areas can suddenly become live with electricity. City crews and others ready to remove trees and debris are subject to serious injury or death if they come into contact with those wires, hence the city's mandate that no crews may work on any debris touching wires that have not been confirmed by LIPA to not have power.

Since LIPA needs debris removed before it can repair damaged lines, the logistics of restoring power become more complicated than just having crews on streets.

Nearly 2,000 extra personnel began arriving Tuesday from out of town, doubling LIPA's regular manpower to a total of more than 3,000.

Of LIPA's 11,361 customers in Glen Cove, 3,022 had power as of Thursday at 7 p.m.

LIPA estimated full restoration will take between six and nine more days.

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ResidentX November 02, 2012 at 02:31 PM
LIPA has not dispatched a single truck to most of the North Shore since the hurricane. Local police, firefighters, EMS and cleanup crews have done all the dirty --and dangerous-- work for LIPA. Why are GC's responders put at risk of live wires when it is LIPA personnel who would best deal with this dangerous situation. Local governments should unite and file a lawsuit against LIPA. They already have the Governor's support as Cuomo threatened LIPA to get their act together.
Roy Biggins November 02, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Helpful tip to city crews waiting to begin cleanup until after LIPA confirms that the lines are dead: The lines are dead. No power anywhere. Feel free to get started.
Susan Britt November 02, 2012 at 07:51 PM
Good point Roy. I have not seen any trucks in Glen Cove. Tell me if anyone else has seen them. LIPA is an agency that is never prepared and when a storm hits they simply do not know what to do. It is an outrage that the CEO is even still in his position after the last disaster of Irene. I was told last night that they are "still assessing" Glen Cove. What the hell does that mean??? We are out of power and that is enough of an assessment to get started and do the job to get us back.
Miguel November 02, 2012 at 10:26 PM
I don't see lipa crew working after 4 days Who are responsablle
mike November 03, 2012 at 11:04 PM
There are no trucks at all !!!!! There is no reason for 90% of glen cove has no power on day 6 !!! i spoke to the mayor office about the situation and he did nothing ! for god sakes downtown and schools have no power !! mayor we need a leader now !!! south shore was hit hard and power has been restored ????
Kathy Todd November 05, 2012 at 12:52 AM
Following is a conversation I had with LIPA today, November 4th, for daughter & son-in-law who live in Sea Cliff and trees fell on every property on their street. They still have no power. Ours in Glen Cove was restored Saturday evening. LIPA conversation with Cathy Allen a supervisor, ID 10034 funny enough she is a National Grid employee. Question by me - when will my daughter's street (named) in Sea Cliff have power restored? Answer we think it is a local sub station in Glen Head. Question by me - you think, don't you know after all it is 6 days after the Hurricane swept through and this street not only has mucho trees that fell which also pulled down all the overhead wires? Answer - do you know if any of those wires are high voltage lines? Response by me - LIPA better hope not or they will be in for some law suit. Answer- we do not know the exact date when service will be restored. Question who at LIPA would know? Answer - the Electric Service Department. Question than why are you talking to me; please get them on the phone? Answer- you cannot talk to them directly and 90% of LIPA customer's will have power restored by this coming Wednesday. And all I can add is it is truly unbelievable and Mayor Suozzi, Assemblyman Charles Lavine, County Executive Ed Mangano, and Governor Cuomo had better step in.


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