Your Turn: Top Fire Story of 2011

Which fire department moment was the biggest in 2011?

The showed their bravery and heroism on multiple occasions in 2011, saving the lives of residents and maintaining a safe living environment. In no specific order, here are the top 10 stories involving the work of our city’s finest:

Blaze Takes Down Hunter’s Grill: When in March, firefighters from six local departments responded. Chief of Glen Cove Fire Department Anthony Tripp said that the building's construction and cathedral ceilings were a high risk to his men, saying he was “afraid, with the amount of fire, that the roof would collapse.” Thankfully, no injuries were reported. The building was unoccupied and locked at the time of the blaze.

Suspicious Fire Engulfs St. Rocco’s Bakery: In mid-2011, the future looked bright for the owners and loyal customers of St. Rocco’s Bakery, a former staple of the community. The Glen Cove Planning Board , and construction was to be completed in fall, 2011. On Sep. 1, a , destroying almost one year’s work to the building. Several fire departments responded, and residents of nearby homes were evacuated. The fire was later by the Nassau County Police Department.

Ford Street Home Damaged by Fire; Weapons Discovered: Firefighters and responded to a in February that severely damaged a Ford Street home. At least one person was reportedly hospitalized. The homeowner was later after police found illegal weapons in the burning home.

Fire Erupts in Ravine Avenue Home: Firefighters responded to a in January. The flames originated in the back bedroom of the first floor, according to Chief Tripp. The damage affected two bedrooms and the rear-end side of the house. With help from Glen Cove EMS, Sea Cliff and Glenwood fire departments, the blaze was under control within 45 minutes of the call.

Eleven Hospitalized After Glen Street Fire: Residents needed immediate medical attention following a on Glen Street in May. Ten residents were treated for smoke inhalation, one for a minor elbow burn, and one firefighter was treated for dehydration, police said. Multiple fire departments responded to the scene. in the days following the blaze.

Teamwork Demonstrated on Valentine Street Call: Glen Cove Emergency Medical Services required the help of the fire department on Veteran’s Day. Crews were dispatched to a residence on Valentine Street after a . A fire truck stokes basket was needed in order to remove the patient from his home. He was, then, placed into an ambulance and taken to for further treatment.

Car Spins Out in Glen Cove Road Accident: Firefighters and police officers responded to a in December. The driver was heading south in a black, four-door, 300-series BMW when it struck the right-side guardrail, said First Assistant Chief of Fire Department Rodni Leftwich. This caused the vehicle to spin across two lanes and hit the cement barrier separating north and southbound traffic. When officials arrived, the car was found facing north. No injuries were reported.

Fuel Spill Contained at Sunoco: The Glen Cove Fire Department had a short drive to the scene of this Glen Cove Avenue accident in December, when a from a car parked at Sunoco gas station. Firefighters immediately contained the spill and prevented it from gushing out into the busy streets.

Couple Rescued from Sunset Avenue Blaze: Also in December, from a residential house fire on Sunset Avenue. The blaze originated in a second story kitchen and was put out “quickly," said Chief Tripp. The woman inside the house sustained severe burns to her hands and arms, according to Emergency Medical Services, and was transported to a local hospital. .

Driver Slams Car into Sea Cliff Avenue Store: Emergency Medical Services, fire and police officials responded to a in December. The driver reportedly crashed her car into and was treated for non life-threatening injuries at the scene, according to First Assistant Chief of EMS Matt Venturino.


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