Lavine Defeats Imbroto in 13th Assembly District

Glen Cove incumbent cruises to victory.

Assemblyman D-Glen Cove, cruised to victory over Republican challenger Louis Imbroto in Tuesday's election for the state's 13th Assembly District.

With 78 percent of votes tallied, Lavine had 18,420 votes to Imbroto's 10,155, in unofficial results.

Lavine ran on a campaign of easing hurdles for local small businesses, securing funds for school districts and helping constituents obtain health care in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

He attributed his wide margin of victory to the more than one dozen student interns who worked on his campaign.

"Their dedication and enthusiasm are the reason the numbers in this election seem to be so extraordinary," Lavine said. "We did not depend on the Democratic organization at all."

He said the campaign's main strategy was to locate and reach out to independent voters, knocking on thousands of doors and listening to people's concerns. Many of them had never received that attention from someone in politics, Lavine said.

He vowed to continue to work at bringing school taxes down, easing administrative burdens on small businesses and furthering what he called a financially conservative, socially progressive political philosophy. 

Lavine said an Imbroto victory would have meant a representative in Albany with social positions "entirely inconsistent" with Nassau County and the rest of Long Island, citing his challenger's positions on abortion and marriage equality.

Imbroto was critical of Lavine for voting along party lines, saying he tended to act in the best interests of New York City residents on many issues rather than with Long Islanders.

Imbroto called Lavine "capable" but said his re-election would mean less-than-effective representation for Thirteenth District voters.

"I think they're not going to have as effective a representative as I would be," said Imbroto.

Tess November 12, 2012 at 08:54 PM
Glen Covians dont vote for Lavine - its the Syosette Group that vote for him - since they are same - Jewish backgrounds................instead of voting for someone who actually works for us and helps the people.. they vote for him cause they are of same nationality.............. How stupid is that.. Lavine is a pig.. and I am happy that the MTA taxes went up so that the people who voted for him - can feel the pinch in their pockets..................stupid people we have here...... obama got in too - same mentality and same reason !!!
Tess November 12, 2012 at 09:03 PM
By the way, I am a Independent.... mainly vote Republican but once in the while, go out of my box if I feel someone is a good candidate -- such as I will Vote for Cuomo if he ever runs......... I believe he does a great job -- and to me, that is what matters more........not if they are Rep or Dem.....
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