City Lawsuit Unrelated to Hospital Downsizing

Hospital COO says Freon litigation has not prompted service cutbacks.

Glen Cove Hospital. File photo.
Glen Cove Hospital. File photo.
Pending litigation brought by the City against Glen Cove Hospital is unrelated to proposed service cutbacks, according to Glen Cove Hospital COO Mark Solazzo.

"I would like to confirm that our plans for the future of Glen Cove hospital have been established solely on the basis of ensuring the hospital’s viability into the future," Glen Cove Hospital COO Mark Solazzo wrote in a recent letter to the Mayor. "Our planning is in no way related to the City’s Freon litigation.”

The city's lawsuit, filed in 2012, is seeking compensation for the cost of installing a 
$5.4 million air stripping plant mandated by the Nassau County Department of Health to reopen one of the city's two water wells.

According to an engineering report commissioned by the city, Glen Cove Hospital is the most likely source of an underground Freon plume which infiltrated the well beginning in 2009. 

The well was shut down in 2010. Since then, the City has had to purchase water from neighboring district to meet usage demands. 

Suozzi said health and safety for residents are his priorities and maintains that Freon-contaminated drinking water did not reach residents. The law suit, he said, will hopefully cover the cost of installing the air stripper so the well may be reopened without burdening taxpayers.

"The City's 2012 lawsuit to stop the pollution of our water supply had only one purpose - to protect everyone who lives and works in Glen Cove,” said Suozzi.  “There is absolutely no correlation between the two issues.  Anyone who thinks that NS-LIJ would even considering closing a hospital on the basis of a year-old lawsuit that protects human health and safety and our City assets is misguided.”

Clare Borden September 19, 2013 at 05:01 PM
Spin it any way you want Mayor Suozzi. You asked Mr. Solazzo to write the letter. We know it. He would never say it was connected, and as I have said before in Patch, because regulatory agencies would be all over him. If anyone notices, Mr. Dowling, Mr. Solazo's boss, didn't mention it in his letter. You are nervous because you thought the hospital would settle and it would all go away by Election Day and it hasn't. The hospital administration has dug their heels in because there has been no proven connection. Like it or not, people have the court papers, etc. and they can read and connect the dots and you went for the deepest pockets. Also, you didn't share it with your Council in 2010 and they went along for the ride, as usual. We have those papers, too. End of story.
cynthia kouril September 20, 2013 at 10:11 AM
Ms. Borden, do you have any PROOF or is this just all coming out of your imagination? You keep repeating this over and over, but what evidence do you have? This is becoming farcical. When I first read you accusations, I thought you had inside information and that it would be helpful to the cause of keeping the hospital fully functioning, but my repeated requests to know what that information is, have been met with only the repeated accusation. DO YOU HAVE ANY ACTUAL EVIDENCE? If you do, I would be happy to help you get that information to the NYS Dept. of Health, where it can do some good. If you don't have any evidence, stop embarrassing yourself.
Clare Borden September 20, 2013 at 10:44 AM
Cynthia, as a lawyer, you know that sometimes your fingers can't touch the some evidence. It eventually comes out.
george meade September 20, 2013 at 11:13 AM
Cynthia, do you really think that there a piece of correspondence from NSLIJ stating that they are closing/downsizing the hospital due to the lawsuit by Ralph? Due you really think NSLIJ would be that stupid to put that in writing?? A frivolous lawsuit is filled and comes to light just as the hospital announces the changes, you can't draw the line between the two events???


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