Glen Cove Parks: A Hot Topic at Town Hall

Residents showed concern for the future of neighborhood parks at Mayor Suozzi’s Town Hall meeting Wednesday.

Parks were the centerpiece of discussion at Wednesday’s , hosted by Mayor Ralph Suozzi and the City of Glen Cove at .

Several residents showed interest in the future of recreational parks, such as Big Ralph Park.

“We’re trying to repurpose [our parks] for something bigger, which would bring a lot of traffic to those neighborhoods.” said Suozzi. “Someday, we’ll need [Big Ralph] park again. We don’t want to give up that open land.”

Suozzi explained the city’s debt is preventing the restoration of neighborhood parks.

“Since 2007, we cut $15 million worth of debt, and one way that pays off is next year, we’re paying three-quarters of a million less in debt service. So we’re trying to get the expenses out of the system,” he said. “One way is to stop spending money. We do have to spend money; we’ve been putting it into roads and rebuilding the more centralized parks.”

Suozzi said he would like to refurbish the tennis courts at Stango Park so and students can use them.

City Budget for 2012

The mayor was asked to clarify a few components of the 2012 budget, , and how Governor Andrew Cuomo's two percent tax cap will work.

“The cap is on the tax levy,” began Suozzi. “The governor is trying to control the growth of the budget; the rate is determined by the growth. The tax rate is a derivative of the money we need to run the city and the assessed valuation."

“The Waterfront Project never stopped moving, but because of the economy, the redevelopers have slowed things down,” said Suozzi to one resident, who was unsure of its status.

Currently, the Glen Cove Planning Board is at the final step, which is called the "Finding Statement." Once they make their findings, the developers will receive a special permit to move forward.

“We are right at the cusp, now, of getting something happening,” said Suozzi.

New Web site

One new resident claimed a Glen Cove park was not listed after she tried plugging its name into MapQuest.

Her question prompted Mayor Suozzi to announce plans for a new Glen Cove City Web site, which is set to launch soon. The site will provide residents with better features, including a more efficient way to navigate the area, according to Suozzi.

Next Town Hall Meeting:

  • : Thursday, Oct. 20, 7 p.m. at (81 Sea Cliff Avenue)


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