Greenport, Satur Farms Among Two Dozen in Area to Get State Funding

East End Tourism Alliance will also receive $335,000 through the New York State Regional Economic Development Council.

Two dozen projects across the First State Senate District received funding through the New York State Regional Economic Development Council, including $68,000 toward a Southold Town stormwater infrastructure mapping project.

The grants also include a significant amount of money for longterm projects in Greenport Village: $288,000 to transform ends of roadways to prevent polluted runoff, $92,600 for a feasibility study regarding replacing a deteriorating bulkhead at Mitchell Park Marina, $48,000 for sewage expansion projects, and $45,000 for an economic development study analysing the benefits of the Greenport Tall Ships Festival and similar events.

Satur Farms in Cutchogue will receive $120,000 toward more machinery and equipment to expand its vegetable processing and packaging line. Another $335,000 will go toward marketing the East End tourism industry.

The announcement comes as a second round of grant funding, after the East End was awarded about $1 million in grants about a year ago. In October of last year, prior to the funding being awarded, East Enders flocked to Riverhead to make their cases in front of the NYSREDC.

Regional economic development councils were put in place by the Cuomo administration in 2011, providing an incentive-based approach toward state funding of projects.

“I have been proud to work with people from every part of our area including leaders in business, education, local governments, economic development and planning and others, to develop a list of job creation projects that achieve our goals of creating jobs and building a strong foundation for future growth,” state Sen. Ken LaValle, R-Port Jefferson, said.

Across the state, $738 million was awarded for 725 different economic development projects. And on Long Island, 86 projects received $59.7 million.

The East End Tourism Alliance will receive $335,000 to promote the area's wineries, marketability as a film destination, tourist location and more.

The big-ticket items in the First State Senate District to receive funding include $1 million for a mixed-use project in Coram including housing and retail, as well as $500,000 which will go toward an $18 million project testing Maglev technology, using magnetic levitation technology to power rails.

joe insider December 20, 2012 at 03:03 PM
Satur Farms received a grant for their operation?? Ms. Satur is on the board of the Economic Development Council ! Repeat after me-CONFLICT OF INTEREST !!!!
William Swiskey sr December 20, 2012 at 03:53 PM
With all the cuts in spending in real programs for people, the state has money for this stuff. Studying rather a bulkhead needs replacement or a festival was successful. How about money for schools or medicine first.
Northforker January 02, 2013 at 03:57 PM
whats worse is the bags from texas, california and florida still keep blowing up on our lawns and they defend that they are a real farm. Real farms dont import from other regions which is clearly stated on the satur web site. They lied to the DEC Air Division and DEC Police telling them that they are moving the diesel generator and chiller from the area, that was in the summer....still being poisoned on a daily basis...and it was another summer of being forced to close our windows....and it was another summer of getting sick in our yard. All I want for the New Year is to not be poisoned by the diesel generator that they put next to our homes.


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