Hearings to Examine LIPA's 'Epic Failure'

Carl Marcellino to hold public hearings on company's storm response.

As LIPA tries to remedy the post-Sandy situation, including getting thousands back online and searching for a new chief operating officer, they will also be preparing answers about their company's storm response for a government investigation.

, announced Tuesday that as Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Investigations and Government Operations, he will head a set of hearings to investigate LIPA's response to Hurricane Sandy.

"LIPA's snail-like response time, glaring lack of communication and epic failure to plan ahead for post-storm restorations must be addressed," said Marcellino, who said taxpayers should be able to expect more considering the high rates they pay. The newly reelected state senator is one of many politicians calling for action against the power company.

Marcellino commended the efforts of crews and first responders who have worked day and night to restore Long Island to normalcy. It is LIPA's now twice-failed, "fatally flawed" preparedness system that he says must be addressed.

"…it is clear that we must again take a look at LIPA’s response and determine if they are truly prepared and competent to go forward and provide services for the residents and ratepayers on Long Island," said Marcellino, who said the experts heading LIPA failed to use the time they had to prepare for such a storm.

At a post-Irene hearing in September 2011, Marcellino said it had been recommended that LIPA revamp outreach, the accuracy of their outage map, training representatives at call centers, outage reporting, restoration staffing and coordination, electric system maintenance, and mismanagement.

Marcellino said he has given LIPA plenty of time to prepare for the hearings, which have not yet been formally scheduled.

Felice Makowsky November 14, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Where is their competition? Why do we have a choice of companies to supply us with telephone service, but not our electricity? Phone service and prices improved after companies came on board to compete... why does LIPA have a monopoly?!
Ranger Sewer November 15, 2012 at 11:48 AM
NOTHING will happen to LIPA. Just follow the money they gave to the Election and re election Camps and YOU will see why NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. Goverment does not work for us, They just make slaves to get themselves Re Elected. LIPA and it's Unions Will be their SLAVE, at our Expense. This is just another Dog and Pony show by Goverment.
craven moorehead November 15, 2012 at 01:10 PM
There is no pre storm plan like tree trimming a major factor. They want you to pay to have the trees cut or wait for the tree to fall ,workers get paid to sit around not to do pre maintenence, this will never change its the old school game, lipa employee , why work when I can get paid a fat salary ha ha suckers!!!


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