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Irene Was Lesson in Preparedness, Mayor Says

In the year since Hurricane Irene left many Glen Covers without power, the city has looked for more proactive measures to prevent damage.

It's been one year since Hurricane Irene swept through Glen Cove and left many without power for as long as five days.

The city learned a few things from the experience about minimizing the impact from future storms, said Mayor Ralph Suozzi.

"We've taken our own precautions to eliminate hazardous conditions," Suozzi said, citing the removal of several old trees at the S-curve on Red Spring Lane that were across the street from a number of utility poles and power lines.

He also noted the city's examination of single road emergency routes in several places, with the goal of opening more routes to emergency vehicles.

Another important aspect is improved communication with the Long Island Power Authority, Suozzi said. After Irene, he called LIPA's acting CEO and asked about a debriefing for local municipal officials, which was provided. LIPA officias talked at that meeting about and what could be done better.

LIPA has been called on a number of occasions to inspect utility poles around the city which appear to lean or have other problems, and Suozzi said the company has been "very responsive."

Suozzi also said he has learned how different sections of the city are wired, which explained why some residents lost power while others nearby did not.

Things like redundant wiring and old transformers were identified as potential problems, and the city has sought to run wires underground where possible, Suozzi said.

Infrastructure and technology improvements have been sought where possible, he said, including improving drainage in some areas. He cited work done on Viola Drive, where the county was asked to investigate a pump, and said flooding that had been regular was averted during the last storm.

Catuzza August 29, 2012 at 03:44 PM
Since we are at it, we could put the ugly lines and transformers on Cedar Swamp Rd underground, since there is the electrical route underground for the lamp posts already in place: that would make a real difference in the look of Cedar Swamp Road, and reduce the vulnerability of the wires there.
Ralph Suozzi August 30, 2012 at 02:55 AM
Catuzza, when the Cedar Swamp Road Project was in the design stage the placement of underground utilities was requested by the city and actually considered however the additional cost was prohibitive, increasing the cost of the projects 3 fold. In addition there were other issues that would have increased cost to businesses and households affected by their connection and reconnection activities. It would have made a big difference in the appearance of Cedar Swamp Road and also helped minimize and/or avoid many of the issues assoicated with above ground utility poles and power lines.


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