Labate Takes Aim at Affordable Care Act

Congressional challenger discussed background, policy views with Glen Cove Republicans Wednesday.

Congressional candidate Stephen Labate spoke to members of the Glen Cove Republican Club at  Wednesday night, telling his audience he is a 'grassroots candidate' who got into politics after following the national healthcare debate.

Labate is running against incumbent Steve Israel, D-Huntington, for the Third Congressional District seat.

Labate shared laughs with attendees as he discussed his Italian-American ancestry and costly medical bills after a strep throat infection hit his whole family - including the dog. 

Health care is his central issue of concern, Labate said, with the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act his prime target and the motivation for his campaign's beginnings.

"The legislation is one of the greatest intrusions on our liberties as American people we have ever seen," he said. "I began speaking out, and people told me I should run."

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Labate said he initially dismissed the idea, already busy as an active member of the U.S. Army Reserves in addition to his job as a retirement counselor at Prudential. After consulting with family and close friends, he began his bid 16 months ago.

"It's been an amazing journey since then. We've propelled this cause and came out on top against others who wanted to run against Representative Israel," he said.

Labate said the national healthcare issue drew him into politics out of a "concern for the future of the country."

While conceding that the current healthcare system is 'imperfect,' Labate said that the law has major implications regarding jobs and the economy, which he contended is already overregulated.

The Supreme Court is set to rule on the legislation in June. If it is upheld, Labate said he would work in the House, if elected, to repeal it.

Labate also expressed concern over national security and highlighted his 24 years in the Reserves, with time spent as a Second Lieutenant and having served in Iraq and at the Pentagon.

"We shouldn't be surrendering our military to the degree that, due to budget cuts in the next two years, our Army will be as small is it was back in 1940," he said.  "We're a country that's threatened every single day."

Labate said he is confident he can win his race. The nomination process was complicated by this year's , which put him in the same district as Congressman Peter King, R-Seaford. A Deer Park native, Labate said he plans to move his  within Third District lines if elected.

"I might be relatively unknown to this district, but so is Mr. Israel in two-thirds of the district. I believe I can win this election," Labate said.

The campaign's Glen Cove coordinator, , said he is confident in Labate's ability.

"His extensive experience in financial services and his impressive military record bring the type of leadership we need in this community," he said.

JoeM June 01, 2012 at 03:51 AM
WHOA! Labate is fudging some facts here. He didn't start running 16 months ago, he tried to run in 2010 but stopped short of a GOP primary. He's been running for over two years now. And "costly medical bills after a strep throat infection hit his whole family"? HE doesn't have health insurance from his employer? Of course he does. $20 copay and another $5 for z-pac for the strep. But he wants to make sure those w/o insurance don't get any under Obama's healthcare plan. Oh yeah, where was he so concerned when the republicans floated pretty much the same exact plan a decade ago?
Times That Try Mens' Souls June 04, 2012 at 02:35 AM
Move into the district now? It was a democrat judge that redistricted Labate out by 2 miles mid-campaign. And by the way,doesn't Congressman Steve Israel live in Sayville - out of the new District 3? Shouldn't he move into the district now? Why did Steve Israel move out of the new district? His move to Sayville is said to have something to do with his Congressional membership standing up for the reproductive rights of women at his Congressional office. Ask Steve Israel about it.
andrew tyler June 04, 2012 at 03:06 AM
Mr. Labate would be correct in acting to remove "obamacare" ASAP. With 70% of our country now feeling the pain from this bill and wanting it repealed it can't happen soon enough. My health insurance premium has increased 33% in sence "obamacare" has been passed. Our company dropped our old plan that was a fantastic plan & aquired a new one which isn't nearly as good. And the doctor Mr. Israel said I wouldn't loose doesn't belong to the new plan This is just the opposite of what Mr. Israel said would happen. The man LIED to all of us & must be removed from office
Long Island Patriot June 04, 2012 at 08:08 PM
You really need to get a life JOEM. You wonder about Labate's co-pay and whether he's run for 16 months or 24 months but you ignore the total failure of Steve Israel and Obama. I'm sure Labate is purposely trying to make sure nobody who is uninsured can get insurance. JOEM it's ok to like Israel, but with your comments you are just outing yourself as a total hack and a partisan. Where is your keen intellect and outrage over the Obama stimulus and Israel's support for it which spent billions and created no jobs? The wasted money for cash for clunkers? How about after 12 years in office Steve Israel has passed only 2 bills which originated from his office? SHHHHH, lets not talk about his fling with a young intern he impregnated child and subsequent divorce, his 2nd divorce or was it his 3rd? These are facts, but please keep doing what you are doing. I think Labate never returned a book to the Library too, do you think we can verify that? BTW an interesting idea putting his family in financial peril by selling his house on 2 weeks notice so as to make you happy. The ignorance of your suggestion almost kept me from replying, but I like Labate and I'd hate for you to stop blogging. Is that really the best you got? In any case, please keep it up, LOL!
Tea Party Radical June 06, 2012 at 11:00 PM
Thow the bums out...then move...then repeal O'care, then pass a law against marxists calling themselves progressives and living inside the Democratic party. Why is anyone wasting time on such political hackery...As long as that marxist Joe.M is comfortale in his union/utopian fantasy then to each his own...however Joe if you are blogging in support of Obama/Pelosi/Reid and Steve Israel compared to the type of American Labate is then you took one bong hit too many and are clearly are a danger to our kids future...leave you keys in the fishbowl on the way out the door!! :) Only because we care aout YOU sooo much pal.


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