Lavine Moves to Rename Roadway For Medal of Honor Recipient

Assemblyman Charles Lavine wants to designate a portion of Route 107 the “Sergeant Major Daniel Joseph Daly Memorial Highway.
Assemblyman Charles Lavine wants to designate a portion of Route 107 the “Sergeant Major Daniel Joseph Daly Memorial Highway.

A section of Route 107 may become the “Sergeant Major Daniel Joseph Daly Memorial Highway,” recognizing the two-time Medal of Honor recipient and World War I hero born in Glen Cove.

Assemb. Charles Lavine (D-Glen Cove) voted this week in favor of a bill that would amend the highway law to designate a portion of the state highway from the southern city line of the City of Glen Cove to Pulaski Street. 

“While many years have passed without local recognition of the brave acts of this fine Marine, it is never too late to acknowledge heroic acts,” said Assemblyman Lavine the bill’s sponsor. “History reflects that Sgt. Major Daly was recognized not once but twice for separate acts of heroism; a significant achievement by any standards.”

Born on November 11, 1873, Sgt. Major Daly was once acclaimed by Major General John A. Lejeune, former Commandant of the Marie Corps, as “the outstanding Marine of all time” and Major General Smedley D. Butler called him “he fightinest Marine I ever knew.”

Only 25 when he enlisted and standing just 5’6,” Daly was awarded his first Medal of Honor after the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 where he mounted a wall bastion, with a bayoneted rifle and single handedly defended the position. Chinese snipers fired at him and stormed the position, but he fought them off until reinforcements arrived. For this act of heroism he was awarded his first Medal of Honor.

Some 15 years later, he earned his second Medal of Honor after proudly serving during what was supposed to be a peacekeeping campaign. Sgt. Major Daly was in one of the companies to leave Fort Liberte, Haiti for a six-day reconnaissance mission. On October 24, 1915, while crossing the river in a deep ravine, the detachment was unexpectedly fired upon from three sides by about 400 Caco soldiers concealed in bushes. Sgt. Daly fought with exceptional bravery and was awarded his second Medal of Honor.

Sgt. Major Daly remained unmarried all his life. In 1919 he was placed on the retainer list of the Fleet Marie Corps Reserve, while awaiting retirement. For the last 17 years of his life, he worked as a bank guard on Wall Street. 

The bill is now in the hands of the Senate. 



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