Morgan Park Cleanup Underway

Park expected to reopen by Saturday, mayor says; Sunday's concert still on.

Cleanup crews set to work Thursday clearing of downed trees and branches from Wednesday's storm.

The damage was the worst the park had seen since Tropical Storm Irene, said Mayor Ralph Suozzi, who was at the park Wednesday evening and again Thursday afternoon to assess the damage.

Suozzi said he had spoken with two people who were at the adjacent to the park when the storm hit. He said they described a period of about three to five minutes when most of the damage occurred, with high winds beating chairs against the club's building and causing trees to sway dramatically throughout the park.

Manpower was provided by the city's , and the , Suozzi said. He said help has also been offered by Scott Tree Company of Glen Cove. 

About one dozen trees came down in the park due to the storm, Suozzi said, with more to be assessed for removal.

One tree near the ruins of the gazebo was said to be 250 years old, he said. Names, hearts and other images carved in what remained of its trunk spoke to its history in the community.

Once the fallen branches and trunks are removed, crews will do a perimeter check for loose branches and other dangerous conditions. Suozzi sad he expects the park will be able to be declared safe and reopened by Saturday, in time for Sunday's concert by Eagles tribute band Hotel California.

Suozzi said he spoke with a number of people who stopped by the park Wednesday night to see the damage and share their memories.

One of those people was the during the storm when a tree fell on her vehicle just outside the park. Suozzi said she praised Glen Cove EMS members and other responders who aided her.

Capital funds already approved for the park will be used to replant trees and replace the gazebo, said Suozzi, and the city is accepting donations for the effort. Some have already been offered, he said.

"I always wanted to do fundraising for the park when I first became mayor," he said. "This is a catalyst to bring that idea back to the forefront."

Helen Orgill July 20, 2012 at 08:38 PM
Morgan Park is a treasure. I'm fortunate to have had spent countless hours there growing up in GC. So sad about the gazebo and wonderful trees.
Christopher Conklin July 20, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Yes, it is a treasure, and it is heartbreaking to see the historic gazebo destroyed, and 200 year old trees. But on the bright side, just like the aftermath of 9-11 in NYC ... we see the citizens and City leaders of Glen Cove pulling together to help and make things right again!!


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