Nassau Notebook: Precinct Restructuring, Isles to Play in Brooklyn

A weekly look-in at the news of Nassau County.

Nassau Restructures Police Precincts

In an effort to cut back on spending, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and Police Commissioner Thomas Dale announced Monday that four of the county's eight police precincts will be restructured.

Four precincts will remain intact while the remaining four will be transformed into new Community Policing Centers, Mangano said.

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Auxiliary Police Officers Needed

The Nassau County Auxiliary Police is looking for residents to volunteer and serve as members of the Auxiliary Police. The Auxiliary Police are volunteers dedicated to making their community a safe place to live. Members patrol in marked cars equipped with a two-way radio and emergency equipment.

Auxiliary Police Officers patrol seven days per week in our community in addition to assisting the Nassau Police (NCPD) with crowd control and traffic at community events. Another function of the Auxiliary Police is to assist the NCPD at any disaster scene or during any countywide emergency.

Applicants must be between 18-55, a Nassau County resident, a U.S. citizen and have a high school diploma or G.E.D. All applicants must also have a valid New York State drivers license. A 29-session training course held at the Nassau County Police Academy must be completed. For additional information, please call 573-8830 or email recruit@pdcnaux.org.

Islanders to Play Preseason Game in Brooklyn

The can't escape their dilapidated Long Island home until 2015, but the National Hockey League team will play a preseason game at the Barclays Center this October.

The Isles said on Tuesday that they will play the at the new building when they take on the New Jersey Devils on Oct. 2 at 7:30 p.m.

Hempstead Village Awarded $1.2 Million for Downtown Revitalization

Mangano announced Tuesday the allocation of a nearly $1.2 million Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to the Village of Hempstead – the largest grant made to any incorporated Village in this year. The grant will fund a variety of projects in the Village, including improvements to streets and sidewalks in both the downtown business district and residential neighborhoods.

The CDBG will also help fund a variety of after school programs, including the Hempstead PAL recreational activities, PeeWee Football/Cheerleading Program, At-Risk Youth Basketball Program, and the EOC Soccer program. The allocation also includes funds for the Village’s Safe Routes to School program, a New York State Department of Transportation initiative that enables and encourages children to adapt to healthy and active lifestyles by promoting transportation alternatives and implementing projects that improve traffic safety.

Foster Care Audit Recoups More Than $50,000

Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos released a Department of Social Services Foster Care Payments audit which found 76 duplicate or overlapping payments totaling $78,334 and led to the recovery of $52,475. The audit reviewed payments from January 2008 through December 2009 during which 15,000 claims were processed.

In one case, a service provider reported a child as being present in two facilities for the same time period for the purposes of billing. As of the end of 2011, DSS had implemented many of the comptroller’s recommendations and reduced the number of errors even further.

Nassau County Auxiliary Police Executive Board Elected

Inspector Neal Rosenblatt, Commanding Officer of Nassau County Auxiliary Police Unit 116 -- which serves the Fifth Precinct with the exception of the Valley Stream and Elmont -- was reelected at the January 2012 executive board meeting held at the Nassau County Public Safety Center in Westbury. It is Rosenblatt's second term as chairman of the Nassau County Auxiliary Police Executive Board.

The executive board oversees the daily operations of the Auxiliary Police Program in Nassau County in conjunction with the NCPD. Other members serving on the board for 2012 are:

  • Vice Chairman; Lt. Kevin Meller of Syosset
  • Treasurer; Inspector Joanne Edling of Farmingdale
  • Secretary; Deputy Inspector Michael Bier of Hicksville
  • Lt. Raymond Montalvo of South Hempstead
  • Inspector Michael Spae of Mineola
  • Deputy Inspector Diane Laukaitus of Lynbrook
  • Lt. Thomas Field of Levittown

Malverne Mel Gives Nassau Residents Six More Weeks of Winter

Malverne Mel made his Groundhog Day forecast for Nassau County residents Thursday morning at 7 a.m. at Reese Park. Click here for Patch's .

Business Man February 09, 2012 at 10:22 PM
A stubborn, unwillingness to sit down and negotiate. That was the problem. Wang was willing to sit down and negotiate. That is fact. Whether or not he would have budged enough on the Lighthose to satisfy most? We will never know. The county approved the original Lighthouse. Fact. The private development was shot down by the TOH. Fact. Our Town Supervisior refused to sit down with the Wang\Rechler group & negotiate, claiming "conflict of interest" Fact. My opinion, Wang was too easy not to call the town to task on this. This should have been front & center in the last election that Ms. Murray won by another Landslide. If people realized that the town board was why the process was stopped, perhaps the election might have been much closer. Force her to the negotiating table.
Lloyd February 09, 2012 at 10:31 PM
James M.....I agree 100% with your posts. It IS all about Wang and his credibility and reputation. The public is not stupid or so forgiving. The timing.of the Aug. Referendum was a sham and didnt fool the public either. Wang has lost touch with the public and lost his ability to make deals with the politicians. He plans and schemes for Mitcel Field were way too overbearing and expensive for the public to accept And he must be a bastard to deal with. We can let Neil Smith testify to that. Worst case scenario...Wang moves the Isles to Brooklyn and we lose an NHL team. Best case...He sells the team to a legitimate deep pocketed and experienced sports group and they make a deal with the County to share the costs for a new building. The other scenario is that Wang moves the Isles to KC and we lure back in here one of the many struggling NHL franchises to wait for the new arena to be built or have one ready for them. Like you say, James...if Wang stays we get nothing done.
Mac February 09, 2012 at 10:54 PM
Once agin Lloyd your ignorance shows. The politicians played Wang for their benefit to oppose each other. Suozzi said yes Murray said no then manganous said yes to a much worse deal for the taxpayer and the dema said no. Your common thread is dem vs rep. Wang didn't come up with the entire August fiasco. Some geniuses we voted for thought it was a great idea to scam us. When was the last election Wang called? What is so hard to understand that the county does not want to share that property. They have clearly stated many times they will not sell it or give up any right.. Any owner would be crazy to deal with these guys as the deficit continues to grow. Who are we luring back to the coliseum ? If we built a new arena the isles would stay. A team would never come back here especially after we have shown just how little the isles mean to us.
Lloyd February 10, 2012 at 03:44 AM
Mac, you are wrong. I can name at least 4 NHL cities that teams deserted and then new ones were lured back. Ok. Let' s go. Atlanta Winnepeg Minnesota Colorado And I may have missed some. Teams come and go in the NHL like the coaches on the Devils and Islanders draft picks. Long Island is a very lucrative market for a wealthy and hockey savvy owner. Somebody else will swoop on in the minute the Islanders are out the door. And if you think I am ignorant, then you are pig headed. You refuse to put the blame squarely on whom it belongs. Your loyalty is nauseating. And to be fair...I dont blame Wang for the summertime referendum. That nonsense was Manganos idea. But Wang stood up there defiant after his devastating defeat like he was in cahoots with Mangano and took it personally. In the meantime, I see plenty of commercials for upcoming shows and events at the "dangerous, outdated, and dilapidated" Nassau Coliseum. For every jerk--- promoter who backs out of booking the Coliseum, there doesnt appear to be a shortage of promoters who see dollar signs at that ancient arena....Except for Mac and his closetful of Islanders fans. I tuned into the Islanders-Canadiens game tonight. Not only did they get blown away, no one was at the game to even witness it and help Wang meet rent and payroll. Its sad. Very sad. BTW...I also watched the Rangers comeback victory in front of a full house at 45 year old MSG. How do you explain that phenomenon?
Mac February 10, 2012 at 11:27 AM
Ok mr ignorant also known as LLoyd please I beg you loook up your facts. Since 1917 whcih is 95 years there have been 3 teams that have relocated back to a location that once had hockey Ottowa, Colorado and Atlanta then two cities were awarded expansion teams that once had hockey Minny and ATL. You can correct me if I am wrong. So at most 5 teams in 95 years is not a common at all. LI is such a lucrative market that in your own words the coliseum was less than full and the county wouldnt support a new arena. A savy owner wouldnt get involved with this mess until an arena would be built. Wang did nothing wrong in trying to get a new arena and own the land. The politicians should have made a bi-partisan attempt to get this done. But you live in NC that just doesnt happen. Yes there are shows at the coliseum and there will be as long as it is open. Take a look at the percentage of open dates vs teh Rock or in Philly. Really cant compare MSG because they have two pro teams. Then last night I was at the game and yes it wsnt full but it was a good sized crowd. MTL always brings fans. Then I guess a 4-2 game with an empty net goal by MTL was a blowout where the shots on goal where in the Isles favor. It was actually a very good game the Rangers are consistent sell outs in Manhattan the most famous arena in sports. Ranger fans support their team as does the city. People who live in the county do not.


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