Town of Oyster Bay Hosts Annual 9-11 Ceremony

Residents gathered to honor lives lost on Sep. 11.

The Town of Oyster Bay commemorated the 11 year anniversary of 9-11 on Sep. 7 by holding a memorial service at TOBAY Beach.

"I have never seen such suffering born with such grace and with such dignity of those residents of the Town of Oyster Bay who endured loses on September 11," said Town Supervisor, John Venditto, who served as the Master of Ceremonies. 

"Tonight is about family, friends and neighbors. It is not about war and peace, it is not about politics and government. It is your night to reflect and to remember. You are free to cry, scream, do nothing, laugh, whatever you care to do. You are home," he said. 

The town started a new tradition this year by having family members read the names of the 90 Long Island victims who lost their lives on 9-11. 

The son of Massapequa Park resident and stockbroker, Michael J. Pascuma Jr., spoke in remembrance of his father during the ceremony.

"I can stand up here and talk about how sad and upset I am every day. I can talk about how angry I am. I know you guys are the same," said Michael Pascuma, who says he is forced to relive the tragedy daily on his way to work.

"Every day I have to walk past that site thinking about and knowing what happened. Thinking about, am I walking where my dad was found? Watching tourists take pictures, watching vendors sell t-shirts, making money off our loved ones. I sit at my window and see the site every day. That kind of emotion gets built up in you...I feel like even though they're not here, you've got to know that they are around us," he said. 

Resident Rosemary Cain paid tribute to her son, firefighter George Cain, during the ceremony, recalling him as a happy bachelor who loved life.

"I try to remember George for who he was, for the life that he lived and for all the good times and for all the happy memories. It is not about the way they died, none of them," she said.

Danny Cain, brother of George, said the event is a perfect tribute.

"This is special. I will be here every year. I know my brother was a nature lover and certainly the beach, and this spot was one of his favorites," he said.

Supervisor Venditto announced during the service that he plans to carry out the ceremony for as long as he sees a need for it.

"We were all taught as we grew up that time heals all wounds and I have to be honest with you…I don't get a sense that time is healing these wounds. We will continue to be here in this very special place, at this very, very special time for as long as it takes," he said.

Jane Pollicino, wife of corporate bond trader, Steve Pollicino, said she is pleased that the town will continue to host the memorial.

"It doesn't change. It's the same weight, it's the same size, it's the same color. It's the same things we carry around. Some days it is easier than others but it is always there," she said.

"I want to thank you for getting it. For making this easy."

The ceremony included a presentation of colors from the Nassau County Police Department Color Guard, performances by the Nassau County Emerald Society Pipes and Drums, and religious readings. 

Vocalist, Marissa Famiglietti and pianist Holly McCain provided musical interludes with their renditions of "You'll Never Walk Alone", "There You'll Be," and "If We Hold On Together."


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