VIDEO: Mayor, City Council Inaugurated at Ceremony

Mayor Ralph Suozzi became one of four in Glen Cove's history to achieve a fourth term.

Glen Cove mayor and city council members were inaugurated before a packed Monday.

It was a historic moment for Mayor Ralph Suozzi, as he became one of only four mayors in the city's history to achieve a fourth term.

"We still have work to be done," Suozzi said. "We still have a $56 million debt, down from $71 million, and we need to help preserve a quality of life, and a viable economic climate for our businesses. We must work hard, we must work smart, but most importantly, we must work together."

The process, however, was a first for incoming Republican Councilmen Anthony Gallo and Reginald Spinello, and it was a familiar one to returning Democratic Councilmen Nicholas DiLeo, Michael Famiglietti, Timothy Tenke and Anthony Jimenez.

Spinello shared his thoughts on his role on the Council: "The people elected us on a platform of change. They think part of the system is broken, and we hope that we can fix that. I think we can add another viewpoint and some new ideas, and we'll make advancements in Glen Cove."

He added that his main goal is to deliver a zero percent tax increase on the 2013 budget.

"I think that's the best thing we could do for the people of Glen Cove," he said. "It's not going to be easy; the city's fringe benefits package has gone up, there's a new CSEA contract, there's a new PBA contract coming up. However, I think we'll all be in it together. We want the best for our city."

Returning Councilman Famiglietti agreed, saying the city's finances will remain at the forefront of discussion.

"We're going to try to square away our finances even better than they are now," he said.


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