All Saints' New Headmaster to Adjust School's Focus

St. Rocco's Father Elias Carr was an easy pick for Catholic School's new faculty structure.

With All Saints Regional Catholic School's principal retiring and the school looking to refocus itself with more emphasis on its religious aspect, chair of the executive board Father Robert Romeo suggested one person: Father Elias Carr.

Romeo picked the St. Rocco's pastor to serve in the capacity of headmaster, a position created with the departure of principal James Thompson.

"The major function will be to build relationships with parents and faculty," said Romeo, saying the addition of an academic dean position will free Carr from the paperwork and administrative duties the school's principal had been relegated to.  

The new structure is a prep school model.

"I want us to create a school that prepares our young people to be able to go to the best high schools and colleges," Carr said in a statement from the school. "To this end, I want to see the school offer Latin and German as well as Spanish. I want our youth to receive a complete and joyful vision of the Catholic faith. I want to see a great future for our school when it can be a light on the hill that shines brightly over the Gold Coast."

Carr is a graduate of Syosset High School's class of 1986 and is fluent in German, and is proficient in Italian, Norwegian, Biblical Greek and Latin.

The school will host an open house on Saturday, June 10 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.


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