Finley Students Get Sobering Lesson on Bullying

Glen Cove Police Officer Sonny Bifone visited the middle school to talk bullying and its consequences.

Bullying isn't just one of grade school's unpleasantries, Glen Cove Police Community Resource Officer Sonny Bifone told Finley Middle School students last week. It leaves its young victims with scars they carry into adulthood, and is capable of driving some to end their lives rather than continue that suffering.

Bifone and Charmaine Clark, mentoring director at the Glen Cove Youth Bureau, held a two-day workshop Feb. 7 and 8 to educate students about the dire real-life consequences of bullying. The kids saw emotional news videos and other clips of real victims, including some who suffered cyberbullying.

“Seeing real-life experience of other kids going through the same bullying issues puts them in the situation where they can put themselves in their shoes and see that it is quite possible that this could be happening in their own school,” Bifone said. “We have to find a way to stop it.”

Students were told how to react if they are made victims or witness someone else being victimized.

Clark said proactive steps are necessary because bullying is happening, especially during the middle school years.

“This is one of the driving forces behind us actually doing this program,” she said.

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T.R. February 14, 2013 at 09:13 PM
Kudos to Officer Bifone for doing the right thing and getting involved! As the mom of a victim of bullying, and as a mom of a daughter who wanted to kill herself to make it all stop and go away, I can only say a big thank you (!) for what you are doing! I wish the police force where I live would care and be involved. I was told by an officer that my family would never be accepted here because we are "outsiders". I wish I could talk to you more about this horrible experience we went through. It is something we live with every day, and something my daughter is so afraid of happening again. I grew up on Long Island and never, ever experienced what we are going through. It would be an honor to speak with you. You can email me at: stand.tall@aol.com
Team Dawg February 19, 2013 at 11:59 PM
As children's book authors and workshop presenters on the subjects of character education and anti-bullying, we at Team Dawg applaud the efforts of all who do what they can to find a resolution to the problem of bullying. While there is no one answer to the problem it is clear that it will take teamwork and people with the desire to make a difference to get it done.


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