Glen Cove Students Achieve Perfect Scores on NYS Exams

Several students from Finley Middle School, Connolly and Landing Elementary Schools have been recognized for scoring perfectly on both ELA and math exam.

One hundred and eight students in the Glen Cove School District achieved perfect scores on the New York State Assessments in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math for the 2009-2010 school year.

While a large number of students from Finley Middle School, Connolly and Landing Elementary Schools scored high on third, fourth, fifth and seventh grade level of either exam, several students have been recognized for achieving perfect scores on both the ELA and math exam.

Now fourth graders, Austin Carman, Seamus Fallon, Melissa Jaco, Kelvin Reyes and Alondra Schuck from Connolly School achieved perfect scores on both the ELA and math exams as third graders. During her fourth grade years, Amanda Ieraci did the same, as well as fifth grader (now a sixth grader at Finley Middle School) Samuel Israel.

Landing School also boasts several perfect scorers: Rachel Espinoza and Michael Famiglietti achieved perfect scores on both exams as third graders, and Grace Brady, Julie Micko, Nicole Ninesling, and Lindsey Payton did the same as fifth graders.


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