School Board Appoints Finley Assistant Principal

Vote creates position the Board previously eliminated.

The Glen Cove School Board voted 5-1 to approve an assistant principal position for Finley Middle School on Monday, restoring a position that was nixed during past budget cuts.

Trustee Ida McQuair was absent from the vote.

Board president Joel Sunshine said the appointment is covered by the current year's budget and will not raise residents' taxes.

"Next year I am prepared to make cuts to have this position," Sunshine said.

Trustee David Huggins acknowledged his past support for eliminating the position and reversed that stance.

"I'm prepared to eat humble pie and say we do need this position," Huggins said.

The position is one of an assistant principal who is not assigned to a specific area of the curriculum, leaving them more available to focus on students. Board members and superintendent Joseph Laria said the position is being brought back in the interest of school security, among other benefits.

Sunshine said a person had been chosen for the position.

Trustee Donna Brady said the position never should have been eliminated. Brady was the only current Board member who wasn't serving when the position was cut.

Resident Suzanne Anderson said she was confidant the Board had picked someone with the talent to be an asset to the district.

"I really hope that you have now brought this talent here, and it's here and you want to hold onto it," she said.

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Gene January 29, 2013 at 11:18 PM
Great news from the above post, our taxes will not go up this year. It is about time. "Board president Joel Sunshine said the appointment is covered by the current year's budget and will not raise residents' taxes."
Suzanne Anderson January 30, 2013 at 12:32 PM
I believe my comment was taken out of context by the Patch. My comment was in regard to how the BOE will pay for this new position. The person appointed to the position of AP is a TREMENDOUS talent AND asset to our district. A man we need to keep with us for many years...but my point was that this is the very same BOE (other than Mrs. Brady) that elliminated the position along with coordinator of English and cutting Assistant Supt. for personnel to part time just 2 years ago. Now all 3 positions are being restored? How can we not be able to afford these positions just 2 years ago and now we can WITH a 2% tax cap. I hope the BOE has a long range plan to be able to support these positions. If they flip flop again and elliminate the position of AP we take a risk of losing talented employees who make valuable contributions to our schools!
Zefy Christopoulos January 30, 2013 at 01:27 PM
Just curious......why is the appointee's name a secret?
Zefy Christopoulos January 30, 2013 at 03:14 PM
Once again the Glen Cove BOE seems to be flip-flopping past decisions made by former members of the board. And once again we have a superintendent who is on the way out through the revolving door at Thayer House. He is making decisions as he leaves our community....decisions that Glen Cove taxpayers have to fund. SO, why is the position REALLY being brought back to the middle school....what has changed....what is going to change? Security is what we are being told.....yet we have no information on how this position increases security....is the new assistant principal a police officer? A trained security person? A trained educator? But then again, this isn't the first time our board puts forth something new without giving any detail.


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