Top 20 Students of 2013 Honored

Glen Cove High School's academically top-ranked students hold memberships in a host of extracurriculars.

The top 20 academically ranked students of Glen Cove High School's Class of 2013 were honored at the Board of Education's January meeting, where they received accolades for their committment to their schoolwork and extracurricular activities.

Assistant principal Allen Hudson introduced the students in place of principal Joseph Hinton, who was sick that night. Allen listed the various academic clubs and extracurricular groups they belonged to, and each student was presented with a certificate of recognition signed by Hinton and Superintendent Joseph Laria.

The top three grade-earners of the top 20 achieved their status with off-the-charts academic averages. 

Elias Blinkoff, class valedictorian, holds a 105.19 average. Secondis Salutatorian Nicole D’Ambrosio has a 102.46 average, and the third-ranked student and this year’s Honorarian is Mario Serrano with an average of 101.11.

The rest of the top 20 students are listed below, in descending order according to academic averages:

Rachel Brady, Stanislaw Tokarz, Jennifer Ingegno, Jerry Ho, Alexandra Franklin, Robert Krisch, Claire Lechtenberg, Carina Zupa, Ciara Seebachan, Devon Roesch, Tiffany Vizcarra, John Garcia, Aisha Ali, Briana Leon, Marco Lopez, Matthew Kolbert and John Benetiz.

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