Youth Bureau: School Supplies Need Is Up This Year

Agency says number of families showing up for help equipping their children for the school year has doubled what it was three years ago.

Pick-up days for donated school supplies at the  have seen long lines form down Glen Street, with more folks showing up out of real need than in years past, according to executive director Arlene O'Dell.

"For a parent to fill a school list costs at least $100," O'Dell said, adding that backpacks and other items push the cost even higher - a problem for families just getting by.

About 200 families have been served so far this year, nearly double the 104 who showed up in 2009. Last year the number was 179.

"This year, I'd say more than 90 percent were truly in need," said O'Dell, saying there used to be more who she did not think were as desperate as the majority are now.

Many supplies have run out, especially high-demand items like master notebooks and bookbags. There had been 48 master notebooks, which can cost up to $25. Those went quickly, as did the 110 bookbags the Bureau had received.

Generosity was a bit less than in recent years, although some groups and businesses stepped up to fill the gaps.

The North Shore Lions Club heard about the need and stuffed with supplies and a check for $1,000.

"If they didn't give us that $1,000 we would have been in trouble," said O'Dell.

The drive for donations included two to three dozen individual contributors, including a number of local businesses and organizations who conducted their own drives and delivered the materials to the Bureau.

Nassau County Legis. Delia DeRiggi-Whitton is a regular participant in the drive, sending out postcards to Glen Cove residents asking for any charitable support.

O'Dell said the biggest donors this year were , the , , , , the , , the , the Greenvale School, the and .

John Doe September 17, 2012 at 07:56 PM
I have a question. My son brings all these supplies in every year( and it's a long list ) I want to know where all those supplies go at the end of the year. I know he didn't use a whole box of tissues and two whole boxes of zip lock bags and 24 crayons and 24 pencils and never got back the scissors. What do they do with the left overs at the end of the year?


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