Volunteers Needed at Glen Cove Hospital

Help needed in several departments.

Are you interested in volunteering in Glen Cove?

Several opportunities exist at .

Here are some things you need to know:

Hours and day schedules are flexible but volunteers are expected to contribute a minimum of 50 hours a year.

Volunteers can choose their area of interest, including services that provide patient contact, nonpatient-related services and fundraising activities.

Some of the areas in need of assistance include:

  • Ambulatory Services Unit
  • Mail and Flowers
  • Clerical/Office Work
  • Pharmacy
  • Emergency Department
  • Physical Therapy
  • General Transportation
  • Pre-Surgical Testing
  • Gift Cart
  • Radiology
  • Gift Shop
  • Reception Desk
  • Patient Library
  • Surgical Lounge

 The Junior Volunteer Program is for teens from 14 to 17. Some area schools offer credit for volunteer/community service. Juniors may choose from many areas of hospital service. For more information, call the auxiliary office at (516) 674-7366, Tuesday or Thursday mornings.

All volunteers participate in an orientation program and receive training. Candidates will be interviewed by a member of the auxiliary at the hospital. Volunteers will also be required to complete an application, obtain medical clearance, have a background check, purchase a uniform and pay nominal dues.

  Contact the Auxiliary office at (516) 674-7365; e-mail Nancy Cleary, president, at nancee3@optonline.net; or download the brochure and fill out the form so an interview time can be scheduled.


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