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Glen Cove High School Senior, an athlete, a motivator
       College basketball is my goal.  I will outwork anyone to progress to the next level.   I eat, sleep, and dream about basketball.  I am determined to become legendary.  I am not Jordan.  I am Kewan Beebe.  I want people to think back and remember me.  I have a lot of confidence in what I do both on and off the court.  I believe my future is beyond bright.
      I don’t want anything given to me.  I want to work for everything that comes to me.  I’m striving for greatness.  When I close my eyes, I always see someone else working harder than me and that’s what keeps me pushing.  That’s my motivation.  I work hard so my dreams can become a reality.        I’m not perfect.  I have to keep improving and striving for what I want.  Basketball is my focus and dedication, but without good grades, there is no basketball for me or for anyone else who wants to be an athlete,  so I work hard in all my classes at Glen Cove High School.                    So many people show me love and say that I’m going to make it big.  I’ve even autographed a few basketballs and photos.  I love and appreciate all the attention I get, but I haven’t made it anywhere yet.  My goal is to stay humble and focused on getting where I need to be.  Failure is not in my vocabulary.   I will succeed.  Nothing else to say except that I want this more than anyone else. “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, that’s when you’ll be successful.” Eric Thomas, ET the HipHop Preacher.com               Kewan Beebe             Glen Cove High School, Class of 2013
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